We are currently on our way, not only to a new year, but also to a new location.

Cryptex Escape Room takes a short break to reorganize in peace and we will return as soon as possible with more details.

We wish you a new year with fun escapes from the daily routine and victories on all levels!

Team Building at Cryptex Escape Room

Escape rooms are among the top games used by companies for team building to create a work team. The employees easily develop teamwork abilities after they have been in a situation escape room like. These rooms teach the employees to cooperate because each person contribute to the team’s success in a time limit game. Is a perfect place for work colleagues:

they come to interact with each other
to get to know each other better
to respect the contribution of the colleagues in the team
 to create new friendships
 observe each one merits during the game
  learns to listen to each other
 have fun.


Escape Room Simple (45 lei/pers)

Our Escape is divided in 4 independent rooms, from which 2 are doubled. The participats can form teams of maximum 6 people and every team will resolve the room where they have been assigned. This variant lasts 90 minutes

Switch Room (70 lei/pers)

The group will be divided in teams of maximum 6 persons. Each team will solve 2 different rooms. Duration:2-3hours

Full House Game (100 lei/pers)

The Full House Game lasts 3-4hours. All the house will be available to the group for 4 hours(with instruction and breaks). The ultimate goal is to find the 2 keys from the main entrances in the building.

In the price is included:
the game
protocol rooms
open bar with non-alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee

Also we offer you the chance to:

Ask for a personalized offer at   info@cryptex.ro