Covid-19 Safety measures at Cryptex Escape Room Bucharest

The long-awaited moment is finally here. Starting Friday, June 12, 2020, we are opening the doors of our escape rooms.

For our safety and yours, we are imposing a series of measures we must all comply to during your visit at Cryptex.

1. At the entrance to the premises you must wipe your feet on a carpet constantly soaked with biocidal disinfectant.

2. You must use the hand sanitizer provided at the entrance.

3. Wearing a mask is mandatory on the premises. If you do not have one with you, our staff will happily provide you with one.

4. Bookings will be off set to our usual schedule to better allow us to disinfect the rooms for the next visitors.

5. If you arrive earlier, please wait outside, in our yard.

6. The rooms are disinfected and ventilated for at least 30 minutes after each group.

7. If you experience symptoms specific to COVID-19, please let us know so we can reschedule your booking.

8. Please maintain the recommended distance of 1.5 m from our staff and other participants in the game.

9. As before, when booking, you will be asked for your full name and a phone number. We store this data for a maximum of 2 weeks after which it is permanently deleted.

10. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourselves responsibly 🙂

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