We are currently on our way, not only to a new year, but also to a new location.

Cryptex Escape Room takes a short break to reorganize in peace and we will return as soon as possible with more details.

We wish you a new year with fun escapes from the daily routine and victories on all levels!

Full House Game

Follow the steps of the research developed by J. Lockwood and R. Cypher and embrace the adventure of your lifetime next to your colleagues/friends.
The version “Full House Game” offers you the possibility of a unique experience. Beside the escape from the four rooms, your goal is to escape out of the building.

The outline of the game:
We can host up to 35 people simultaneously, which will receive customized roles/goals, keeping the main objective in mind: working together, solving the puzzles and growing the spirit of a united team. Besides the escape from the thematic rooms, Escape The Mansion takes the standards of the game to the next level. Each participant has a secret mission beside the main goal of the group: we have spies and traitors, obstacles and leaders. This challenge can emphasize important aspects in the evaluation of each participant, encouraging the creative thinking.
Logic, intuition and the attention for details points towards a faster solving of the mysteries. Making quick decisions with a sharped mind and thinking clearly, these are qualities that play a vital role for the good teamwork between the members of the group and inside the on-going game.
Are you curious to test your mind, memory and intuition? Say yes to the new challenge of the CRYPTEX version of Full House Game.

10-20 people

20-35 people