We are currently on our way, not only to a new year, but also to a new location.

Cryptex Escape Room takes a short break to reorganize in peace and we will return as soon as possible with more details.

We wish you a new year with fun escapes from the daily routine and victories on all levels!

The coolest parties are at Cryptex Escape Room

Despite the age, every participant will enjoy the game and the atmosphere

Party packages :


Escape Room Simple (45 lei/pers)

Our Escape is divided in 4 independent rooms, from which 2 are doubled. The participats can form teams of maximum 6 people and every team will resolve the room where they have been assigned. This variant lasts 90 minutes

Swich Room (70 lei/pers)

The group will be divided in teams of maximum 6 persons. Each team will solve 2 different rooms. Duration:2-3hours

Full House Game (100 lei/pers)

The Full House Game lasts 3-4hours. All the house will be available to the group for 4 hours(with instruction and breaks). The ultimate goal is to find the 2 keys from the main entrances in the building.

Escape simple + creative workshop (100 lei/pers)

In this variant, the participants have the opportunity to take place to an escape room game and a creative workshop for children or adults depending on the situation.
Duration of the party is 3 hours


Switch room + creative workshop (120 lei/pers)

Participants will play two game sessions and they will participate at a  creative workshop. Duration: 5 hours


In the price is included:
✔️the game, the workshop
✔️protocol room
✔️open bar with non-alcoholic drinks(juice, water, coffee,tea)
✔️room recordings
✔️single use items (cups, plates, spoons, napkins etc)


Other Info:

  • For kids birthday party the minimum age at escape room is 8 years and at the creative workshops 4 years. In the situation of the kids who they participate only at the workshop(eg: younger siblings) there it will be another price.
  • Between activities participants take breaks, breaks in which they can eat, have cake, rest, talk etc.
  •   The participants they will supervised on the cameras, so is not need it to enter an adult with them( for the kids birthday parties). The puzzles will be modified according with their age.
  • Those who will not participate in the game, they can watch the players on the monitor in the reception.
  • You can serve food at our place ( in the protocol room or terrace). The food can ordered separately and is not included in price.
  • To have exclusivity in the protocol room and terrace, the party needs to have minimum 10 players.
  • The price is paid only for those who take part effectively at the activities. The open bar is available for all the guests (ex: at kids parties the price is only for the kids, but the drinks are available to the parents also)